The BONOVSKI Workshop is located in the village of Vrachesh known for its rich historic and cultural herritage.The history of the family dates bask to more than 80 years ago when the craft ot cask making started getting hahded over from father to son. Thanks to that craft the Bonovski family manages to achieve remarkable succes and popularize its name internationally.

The years f hard work and love of the art of cooperage of Stoyan Bonovski and his family have turned cask making not just into being a job but also a real art, which on its part guarantees the perfect quality of the family,s products.
The purpose of the company is to satisfy the needs of both national and foreign markets for quality casks and barrels necessary for the extraction of maximum flavour of the aging drinks.


The company specializes in the production of casks and barrels used for wines, special brands of rakiya/local brandy/, cognac, whiskey, ets.

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